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XBOX 360: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Two months ago, I waited in line at a Gamestop to acquire a copy of this game for the Xbox 360.  Not having pre-ordered a copy, I was denied a sale.  Remember, we (the writers at Gamersplay) don’t get advanced copies of games — yet…  Anyway, I headed to the Best Buy next door and to my surprise, they had a ton of copies.  Ca-ching!  Sold.  By the way, this title has set a ton of records.  One of them being that it generated $550 million in the first five days of release.

I began playing the single-player campaign.  It was cool.  The gameplay brought me back to the Call of Duty 4 days.  The controls were second nature, like riding a bike.  You never forget it.  After getting to the second mission, I decided to play the multi-player campaigns exclusively.  Why you ask?  I was going on vacation in early December 2009 and wanted to level up my character as much as I could so that when I returned, I could be at-par with my friends.  Needless to say, my friends have never caught-up — so far.  I have been playing this game non-stop, every single moment I get the chance.  I’m not a hard-core MW2 player as others I’ve seen online, but compared to my friends, I’m pretty much labeled as addicted.  There are 16 multiplayer maps in the game.  Hard to imagine that there are that many, but if you’ve played it as much as I have, the maps are beginning to feel a bit old.  Currently as I write this, my character is at 1st Prestige level 50.  It’s still interesting enough for me to pick up the Xbox controller almost every night, but my gameplay has since been cut down from all-nighters to an hour max.  The graphics are sharp as I can see movement well beyond the scope of my gun.  Then again, it helps to play on an 52″ HDTV.  The sounds are crisp and typical of this type of genre as the gunshots and AC130 planes hover above the map.  One of the coolest features of this game are Kill-streak awards.  The concept behind this is for every consecutive kill you make (without dying), you unlock a reward.  Rewards vary from drop packages, to being a gunner on a gunship chopper, and even the ultimate tactical nuke strike — which by the way, ends the game for everyone playing.  In order to get this coveted reward, you have to kill 25 enemies (24 with the hardline perk) without dying.  The best I’ve done is 13.  I know, lame for the hardcore players, but pretty awesome in my book!  There are a ton of gameplay types from Free-for-all to Cage Deathmatch.  I haven’t played all of the game types, as I seem to gravitate towards Team Deathmatch Express, Ground War, and Domination.  Domination in my opinion is a great experience point collector for your character as points are awarded whether or not you kill people in the opposing team.  There are plenty of weapons to choose from and can vary and even change the experience you have in matches.  In general, the weapons seemed balanced, except maybe for the top of the line shot-gun in Akimbo mode.  Those seem to get me EVERYTIME and can get quite annoying.  Still though, it doesn’t detract from the game as a whole.

The Xbox Live system has been solid and the multiplayer games are hosted by a random someone in the party.  There have been times I’ve been frustrated with my skillz and have left the game leaving the rest of the gamers waiting for the system to find a new host.  Haha!  At least I can disrupt their gameplay in that sense!  Anyway, the multiplayer experience is top-notch.  It’s so good that I haven’t finished the single player campaign yet.  I’ll get to it soon enough as the multiplayer is wearing on me.  I don’t know how other gamers can replay Prestige level three or more times.  Who has the time???  I can’t wait for the fine folks at Activision to release new maps which will give this game new life when they do.  For now, I’ll continue chugging along the MW2 bandwagon.  This game has not been a disappointment.  Also, IF we had a rating system in place, I’d give this game at least a nine out of ten joysticks, thumbs up, whatever you think is cool.  If you haven’t purchased this game yet, do it now!  There is still hope for you!


Awesome graphics, In-depth single-player missions, Rock solid multiplayer modeMultiplayer maps can get old quickly, This addictive game will test any relationship you have with your significant other.