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Destiny 2 – Revoker Sniper High(andlow)lights!

I’m not a sniper, but I really wanted to get the Revoker. Pretty much played all of my games in Competitive for about three days. Going for this Pinnacle Weapon made me appreciate sniping more in the game. You’ll see ALOT of body hits and I tend to hard scope. Ugh! I’m still not very good, but I’ve gotten better. (I think) I started out using whatever sniper I had in my vault. The Fate Cries Foul, Oathkeeper, and even the Rare (Blue) AACHEN-LR2 is what I had to start out with. I eventually got a good roll for the Beloved sniper and used that for pretty much most of the time. Anyway, I know the video is a bit long, but I tried to include highlights over the course of this brutal Comp journey… Thanks for watching! Are you going for the Revoker as well? If so, how’s it going and if you already have it, are you using it? (I still use the Beloved for most of my games even though I’ve acquired the Revoker… Go figure.)

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