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PC: Sim City 5

My copy of the latest Sim City arrived in the mail today.  I was surprised as it was a present from my GF!  She totally rocks it!  Anyway, after booting into Windows 8 and installing the game (which was pretty quick), the headaches are starting to take a toll with this game.  I have for at least six hours now tried to login to a free game server and finish the tutorial.  Apparently, there is no getting around skipping this.  Then again, I wouldn’t mind as much completing the tutorial if I didn’t have to watch grass grow trying to find a server that even responds.  What’s going on EA/Origin?

I’ve read forums (even EA’s own) where users have complained about buying the game and not even being able to play it.  I even came across someone who has had it since launch and still hasn’t been able to start a city!  Yes, the experience is dismal and there should be a refund policy for games that just don’t perform the way they should off the bat.  Why not adopt the 15 minute rule that Google Play and iTunes App Store use?  Users can test drive and get refunded for ANY reason within a given amount of time.  It’s clear that the servers are NOT ready for primetime — thus reflecting on the game holistically.  As I write this, reviewers on have given this game a 1.5  1 star rating.  At this point, I tend to agree with that.

I understand that the new thing nowadays is to tightly control piracy via DRM and such, but I feel it really hurts the larger market of paid players who can’t get into the game because of the walls of technology preventing the game from launching.  Sad.  Every single Sim City prior to this version has been successful — I mean, the anticipation of this latest version of Sim City can be accredited to versions before this.  I know I have been looking forward to it, but alas, I have given up trying to get past the Origin login screen.  I would like to add, playing previous versions of Sim City did NOT require you to be online.  This is where I think EA/Origin has dropped the ball BIG TIME!  Why do I have to have a persistent connection to the internet to play a game in single-player mode?  Lame.

I know this review sounds like a rant, and it totally is — but games today are going the way of strict DRM and this process has hindered too many potentially great games.  If you’re going to stack a ton of prevention steps and bombared a game with DRM technology, AT LEAST ensure that the game experience from install to gameplay works!  It’s okay to have minor bugs here and there, but to prevent the masses from playing completely?  HUGE clusterf*ck on someones part.  I remember Diablo 3 going through the same issues upon its launch, it took me months to totally dive into the game.  Yes, I am complaining, but hell, it’s my website!  I’ll put in an honest review of the game once I’m able to play it.  For now, I’ll have to fire up the PS3 or play Diablo 3 for the next few days/weeks until EA/Origin gets their sh*t together.

The takeaway for now, EA/Origin has definitely tarnished this brand and has made a lot of people, including myself, frustrated with this launch as well as question the EA lineup for future games.


Improved graphics, umm, that's about it!Strict DRM, Unable to get past login due to server timeouts, Laggy login screens, Computer must have persistent internet access in order to play.